Product Care


First, do no harm. That really sums up our philosophy about caring for your clothes. When we design our pieces we take into consideration issues like water and energy usage and waste. But once a garment is sold, more water and energy is used in caring for these items than were used in its production. So our goal is to create beautiful and durable pieces that require little care and easy maintenance so they can live a good long life. Here is what we suggest:

Always follow the care instructions on the printed tag inside your clothing. These are the best suggestions for your specific garment.

Avoid dry cleaning. What we make doesn’t require it so you can feel good about skipping it.

Wash in cold water. Our clothing gets just as clean in cold water as they would in other temps, plus it’s gentler on fabrics and a real energy saver.

Avoid chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is too harsh on our fabrics and it’s not much better for the environment or your health. When in doubt, use hydrogen peroxide as it’s gentler and breaks down into water and oxygen in the environment.

Use non-toxic laundry detergents. Using a mild detergent that’s made from non-toxic and environmentally-friendly ingredients is a great way to care for all of your Nau garments.